Turner Grass Fed Beef 

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We raise Angus steers. We care about the earth and treating animals humanely. That’s why we are committed to sustainable ranching practices.  Our cattle only feed on grass (no corn, soy, or grains). We care about the quality of our meat. That’s why we dry age and individually butcher each cut for our customers' health and enjoyment.
​Superior Nutrition for Athletes
Eat Nose to Tail

100% Grass-Fed Angus Beef
Ideally, we should eat meat from nose to tail. Because we sell mixed quarters, you will get a chance to do some of that by cooking with bone, offal, and tongue. Don't pass them by. They have superior nutritional value. You may need to learn how to cook pieces you've never cooked before. Here are a few resources to kick start your education: Alton Brownbone brothEastwild.com,  and All Things Grassfed.
Meat is a main staple for most athletes and gym members concerned about their health. Meat from animals consuming natural grasses provides a nutritionally dense food for superior health, bone integrity, and muscle strength. The biggest drawback to grass fed beef is the cost...unless you buy directly from the ranch. Now you can eat hamburger to fillet mignon for one low price.  
​Better Meat for
Better Health