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Gordon Turner 
Owner, Rancher
Dennis & Vivien
Sales & Customer Service
About Us
TURNER RANCH GRASS FED BEEF. Our small, family-owned ranch is located in Marin County just an hour north of San Francisco. We offer meat from cattle that are exclusively raised on mothers' milk and wholesome pasture grass. The cattle are handled humanely at all times and are not given antibiotics, hormones, additives, grain, corn, or anything unnatural to ruminant animals. The ranch uses rotational grazing practices designed to optimize the health of the cattle and native grasslands.  
SIMPLE ORDERS. We run a simple operation without much fuss, offering "mixed" quarters (1/4 of an Angus steer with "mixed" cuts from the front and rear quarters) that are dry aged for a minimum 14 days to optimize flavor and tenderness. Orders are cut and vacuum packed in convenient meal-sized servings. 

DRY AGING. Our beef is dry aged (kept in a temperature and humidity controlled cooler) for at least 14 days. Supermarket beef is almost always wet aged (i.e., wrapped in plastic to retain water weight) for a couple days. Dry aging allows natural enzymes in the meat to break down hard connective tissues, and to allow water to evaporate thereby concentrating the flavor. 

WHAT COMES IN A QUARTER. Because the front and rear quarters of steer produce different cuts of meat, each quarter is "mixed" to include a variety of cuts from both the front and rear sections. Customers purchasing a quarter are able to choose from one of two butchering cuts: (1) Standard Cut or (2) Modified Cut (which provides more ground beef). Mixed quarters also include offal (i.e., meat trimmings such as tongue, heart, liver) and some bone (excellent for broth!). 

AMOUNT OF MEAT. A 1/4 of a steer averages between 110 - 150 lbs of beef and requires approximately 3 cubic feet of freezer space. We do not sell by finished weight like your local grocer. In our case, customers buy a quarter steer and pay by the "hanging weight," not the finished weight. See details under "COST" below, or additional information under FAQs.

COST. We sell our beef at a fixed price per pound of "hanging weight". “Hanging weight” is the weight of the harvested steer as it "hangs" at the butcher shop before it is aged and cut into meal size servings.  Our steers average 150 – 175 lb. per quarter of hanging weight. After aging and butchering, you can expect to receive 70-75% of hanging weight in finished beef. This year's prices:  

  • Quarter Steer:  $5.49/lb. (hanging weight) + 3% if a credit card is used
  • Half Steer:  $5.25/lb. (hanging weight) + 3% if a credit card is used
  • Full Steer:  $4.99/lb. (hanging weight) + 3% if a credit card is used

  • #1. PLACE YOUR ORDER. Place an order either by check or credit card (under "Place Order" link above). You will be contacted by Customer Service to clarify butchering choice, and to coordinate an estimated pick up date. Pick up dates are usually 5 weeks after deposit date. 
  • #2. PAY FINAL BALANCE. Once your meat arrives at the butcher and is weighed (before it is aged and cut), we will contact you with the final cost and how to make the final payment. Completing the final payment authorizes pick up at the butcher.
  • #3. PICK UP ORDER. The butcher shop (Bud's Custom Meats in Penngrove, Ca.) will contact you once your order has been cut and packaged. The butcher asks that you pick up your order within 7 days of their call. See "Pick Up" link above for Bud's location and hours.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONCustomers consistently say our beef is very lean and has excellent flavor. They are pleased that grass fed beef is healthier than what they get at the grocery store, and they appreciate knowing they are getting the best value for their money. They especially appreciate locking in their year's meat at one low price. With food prices escalating quickly due to inflation and drought, they see this as a wise financial decision.